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Legends and Kids® Young Authors Program

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The "LEGENDS & KIDS® Young Authors Program©" is an incredible art education project that immerses students in the world of creative writing, drama, illustration, and storytelling. Through this program, students discover their talents as young authors and artists, creating meaningful and beautiful works of art. The program's objective is to foster creativity, encourage parental involvement, nurture civic-mindedness, and enhance education. Dr. Joseph Profit, facilitated by Youth United for Prosperity, Inc (YUP), a non-profit organization, spearheads this initiative. 

To ignite the students' imagination and promote artistic literacy, YUP employs various methods and venues. The LEGENDS & KIDS® Young Authors Program® seamlessly aligns with the comprehensive curriculum, incorporating a cross-generational component that involves pre and post testing for quality assessment. This ensures a well-rounded and impactful experience. Throughout the program, students embark on a journey of writing excellence.

They start with pre-writing, employing a technique called four-square writing to develop compelling stories. Guided by dedicated teachers, they navigate the formal writing process, from brainstorming to drafting, and oversee the book's creation from beginning to end. The culmination of their efforts is a published book, a testament to their achievement and creativity. These books find a cherished place in both the school and public libraries, showcasing the students' remarkable talent. Furthermore, the young authors have the honor of sharing their stories with lower elementary grade students in their school, fostering a sense of pride and inspiration among their peers. 

The LEGENDS & KIDS® Young Authors Program© not only nurtures artistic expression but also empowers students, boosting their self-esteem and morale. Their infectious enthusiasm spreads throughout the entire school community, fostering a love for literature and the arts.Through this innovative program, YUP aims to enrich education, ignite young imaginations, and create a lasting impact on the students, their families, and the community at large.

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