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About Youth United For Prosperity, INC

Empowering Youth. Igniting Futures.

Organization Overview:
Youth United for Prosperity Foundation (YUP) is a nationally recognized 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization led by Dr. Joseph (Joe) Profit, with a mission to empower and transform the lives of young individuals. Established in 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia, YUP has expanded its presence to locations in Louisiana, Michigan, Utah, Nevada, and Texas. At the heart of our mission lies a set of core values: Empowerment, Transformation, and Impact. These guiding principles fuel our relentless efforts to extend vital support and opportunities to young, underprivileged children, enabling them to realize their hopes and dreams. Collectively, these core values form the moral compass that guides the organization's decisions, strategies, and actions. They reflect the organization's deep-rooted commitment to bringing about positive change, empowering individuals, and leaving a lasting impact on the lives of those who need support the most. By embracing these values, the organization can align its efforts with its mission, maintain transparency, and build trust with sponsors, donors, and the communities it serves. 

YUP's core mission is centered around empowering and uplifting young individuals, providing them with the necessary tools and resources to achieve success in life. Through a range of diverse programs and initiatives, we aim to foster both personal and professional development, instill invaluable leadership skills, and create opportunities for educational advancement. While education is a crucial aspect of our work, we go beyond academic learning. YUP is committed to equipping the underserved population with essential technology and employability social skills. By addressing these critical areas, we seek to uplift and empower individuals, ensuring they can thrive in the modern world and access opportunities for better futures. 

Education is at the heart of our mission, and we proudly offer Programs to deserving students, supporting their journey toward fulfilling their aspirations. Drawing upon our years of expertise and understanding of both the technical industry and the education landscape, our Education Division is dedicated to bridging the gap between the demand for qualified educators and the shortage of skilled teachers in key technical fields. We are committed to providing innovative and effective solutions that address this pressing challenge. This division aims to meet the educational staffing needs of school systems while ensuring our commitment to both the technology industry and the education of our children. At YUP, we radiate positive energy, engage with our community, and strive to make a meaningful impact. Together, we can create a brighter future for those in need and promote prosperity through education, love and giving. Our focus is on addressing the challenges faced by disadvantaged youth, such as limited access to quality education, uncertain economic opportunities, and lack of mentorship. 



  1. YUP, KIDS EMBRACE S.T.E.M: This program spearheads the transformative journey of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education for children. It leads the transformation of STEM education for children, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed academically and thrive in a technology-driven society. 

  2. YOUNG AUTHORS™: Through this program, we encourage creativity and imagination by introducing arts such as creative writing, drama, illustration, and storytelling. We foster civic-minded students and promote art and creative literacy. YUP has published 16 Kids' books in two different languages, which are available on and our website at 

  3. INSTRUMENTS FOR KIDS: This dedicated program strives to make music education accessible to at-risk youth by creating partnerships with music teachers, public schools, and organizations. By focusing on creating meaningful connections with various sponsors, the program aims to remove barriers that hinder underprivileged children from experiencing the joy and benefits of learning music. Through these strategic partnerships, "Instruments for Kids" provides access to musical instruments, resources, and expertise, empowering young individuals to explore their musical talents and passions. 

  4. YUP READ & FEED™: This program is a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing literacy skills among underserved elementary school children while also addressing their nutritional needs focusing on fostering a love for reading and improving the literacy levels of young learners. Volunteers and educators work closely with the children, providing individualized attention and guidance to help them develop critical reading and comprehension skills. Overall, "YUP READ & FEED™" stands as a remarkable initiative that not only promotes literacy but also nurtures the physical, emotional, and social well-being of underserved elementary school children, paving the way for a brighter and more promising future. 

  5. YUP 2ND CHANCE™: This program is for those re-entering society after non-violent crime charges, the program focuses on rehabilitation, reintegration, and assisting with the transition to a law-abiding life. "YUP 2ND CHANCE™" works with community partners and mentors to offer job readiness training, job placement assistance, and ongoing support to help participants successfully rebuild their lives. It also offers personalized programs that address the unique circumstances of each individual. The program takes a comprehensive approach, combining educational support, vocational training, and life skills development to empower participants with the tools they need to make positive changes in their lives. 

Success and Impact:
YUP is proud of the significant strides made in transforming the lives of countless young individuals, instilling hope, resilience, and prosperity in communities nationwide. Our success is attributed not only to dedication but also to invaluable partnerships with educational institutions, community organizations, corporate sponsors, and individual citizens. Together, we leverage additional resources and expertise to enhance our programs and support youth effectively. 

Joint Interest:
YUP is actively seeking partners and sponsors from the public and private sectors who share our commitment to making a positive impact and believe in the potential of every young person. Whether potential partners possess expertise in the realms of education, mentorship, community outreach, or related fields, YUP welcomes collaboration to further its mission. By joining forces with diverse organizations and individuals, YUP strives to create a powerful network of support for young individuals. 

As a visionary organization with a history of creating lasting change in the lives of young individuals, YUP stands as a strong advocate for the development and training of America’s underserved youth. By forming various partnerships with various public and private sector entities, we can continue to empower and uplift disadvantaged youth, providing them with the tools they need to thrive and contribute positively to society. Together, we can create a brighter and more prosperous future for the next generation. 

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