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Enter the exciting world of Laky, the renowned sports Gator Commentator, and join him on a wild journey through the captivating realm of YUPKIDSTV.COM Network. Laky, the coolest and wackiest green gator you'll ever meet, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his infectious humor and unparalleled sports commentary. As a retired professional football player turned multimedia sensation, Laky's charm knows no bounds.

In the vibrant city of North Dallas, we also meet Dr. Puppyrazzi, Texas' most famous kid's dentist. Working tirelessly at Community Dental Care of North Texas, Dr. Puppyrazzi has revolutionized the fight against cavities with his groundbreaking tools. He's on a mission to make dental visits a breeze, inspiring kids to maintain healthy smiles. With his caring nature and plush amenities, Dr. Puppyrazzi has become a beloved figure among children, fostering a sense of admiration and trust.

Dr. Puppyrazzi's story intertwines with the legend of Eduardo Najera, a Latino kid who defied the odds and achieved NBA stardom, hailing from the humble surroundings of Travis World Academy. Their tales of perseverance and triumph come alive, showing that with determination and a strong work ethic, anyone can overcome adversity.

In the pages of "Dr. Puppyrazzi to the Rescue: A Travis World Adventure," readers embark on a heartwarming journey that emphasizes the importance of self-esteem and resilience. It's a captivating exploration of how even in the face of challenges, maintaining good personal hygiene and embracing one's dreams can pave the way to the fabled "American Dream."

Join Laky and Dr. Puppyrazzi as they inspire young readers of all ages to overcome obstacles, believe in themselves, and discover that greatness knows no boundaries. This thrilling tale reminds us all that with the right mindset and unwavering determination, we can conquer any challenge that life throws our way.

Dr Puppyrazzi to the Rescue...A Travis World Adventure

  • This project was a collaborative effort by the entire 3rd grade students at Travis World Language Academy in Grand Prairie, Texas  along with the principle, the reading coach and their teachers.  The students learned a great deal about the publishing process while they improved theier vocabulary, reading and writing skills.  Being a young published author gives the students a great sense of pride and accomplishment.

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