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Prepare to be introduced to Laky, the iconic World Famous Sports Gator Commentator. As the charismatic host of the LEGENDS & KIDS® Sports TV Network (LAK Sports) in Atlanta, Georgia, Laky has captured the hearts of boys and girls everywhere. With unmatched wit, style, and intelligence, Laky is the epitome of cool in the ATL. Having retired as a professional football and baseball player for the Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Braves, Laky's sporting prowess is unparalleled.

In the coastal town of Anniston, Alabama, we meet Dr. Marlo, a renowned monkey with gleaming white teeth. Dedicated to children's dental care at Sarrell Dental, Dr. Marlo crosses paths with Laky during a fateful visit. United by the common goal of maintaining oral health, Laky and Dr. Marlo forge an enduring friendship rooted in the promise of diligent dental hygiene practices.

Narrated by Laky himself, this captivating story revolves around Dr. Marlo's transformation into a true superhero in the pursuit of excellent dental health. Set in the tranquil coastal town of Alabama, the tale centers around a local sports hero faced with formidable challenges. As he grapples with both real and imagined obstacles, he learns the value of relying on the support of his friends to overcome adversity.

Prepare to be immersed in a thrilling narrative that seamlessly weaves together sports, friendship, and the importance of dental wellness. Through Laky's captivating storytelling, readers of all ages will embark on an unforgettable adventure, discovering the power of teamwork and the impact of maintaining good oral hygiene.

Join Laky and Dr. Marlo on their quest to champion great dental health, proving that even the most revered sports heroes need a little help from their friends. This engaging tale will leave you inspired, entertained, and with a renewed commitment to taking care of your teeth.

Dr Marlo Saves The Day

  • This project was a collaborative effort by the entire 5th and 6th grade students at Foley Elementary School, along with their teachers.  The students learned a great deal about the publishing process while they improved their vocabulary, reading and writing skills.  Being a young published author gives the students a great sense of pride and accomplishment.

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