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Laky, our narrator, shares a captivating tale of Dr. Marlo's extraordinary journey. It all begins when Dr. Marlo is abducted by aliens, who have an unexpected purpose in mind – constructing a futuristic dentist office on Neptune. Faced with this peculiar situation, Laky embarks on a daring mission aboard the Yellow Hammer Spacecraft to protect his dear friend, Dr. Marlo. Their mission takes them to Neptune, where they confront a group of aliens with intentions to invade Earth. Brace yourself for a thrilling adventure as Laky fights against the odds to defend his best friend and safeguard our planet.

Dr Marlo Discovers...Aliens in the Dental Office

  • The students of Ray Thompson Elementary School, from the third, fourth, and fifth grades, along with the principal, reading coach, and teachers, joined forces to undertake this project. Throughout the process, the students not only enhanced their vocabulary, reading, and writing abilities, but also gained valuable insights into the publishing world. As young published authors, they now bask in a remarkable sense of pride and achievement.

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