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Introducing Laky, the renowned sports Gator Commentator who has captured the world's attention. Known as "LAKY Sports" and cherished by both boys and girls, Laky is the charismatic host of Atlanta's YUPKIDSTV Network. With impeccable style, unmatched intelligence, and an undeniable cool factor, this green gator has won over the hearts of many. In the realm of social media, Laky reigns supreme as the zaniest and most entertaining "Gator Commentator" of them all.

Once a professional football player, Laky now enjoys a successful career as a celebrated multimedia sports announcer. Meanwhile, meet Dr. Derby, a skilled and compassionate kid dentist who relocated from Anniston, Alabama to Louisville, Kentucky. His decision was driven by the desire to support his son, Charlie "the Crown," in pursuing his dreams of becoming a world-class jockey at one of the finest race tracks. While establishing his dental practice in Louisville, Dr. Derby created a revolutionary dental tool capable of detecting cavities with a touch of magic. His exceptional skills earned him worldwide recognition as the most renowned dentist at the Community Dental Care of Louisville.

Children simply adore the way Dr. Derby cares for them, and his nurturing nature shines through in every aspect of his practice. Through Laky's narrative, we delve into the captivating story of Dr. Derby's best friend's son, Charlie "the Crown," and the local basketball hero, Dr. Dunkenstein from the West End School. In this tale, we witness how an unparalleled rivalry can test the mettle of a champion, surpassing the challenges posed by a worthy opponent and unearthing the very best in both competitors.

As Charlie the Crown earns the right to participate in the prestigious annual cavity race held in Kentucky, dedicated to raising funds for underserved dental programs in communities, the ultimate test of skill and determination awaits. Join Laky as he unveils this thrilling journey that showcases the true heart of a champion and the power of unity.

Dr Derby Meets Dr Dunkenstein in the Ultimate Kentucky Cavity Race

  • Collaboratively, the sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students of West End School, alongside their teachers, embarked on this remarkable project. Their journey not only cultivated their vocabulary, reading, and writing skills but also bestowed upon them profound knowledge of the publishing realm. Now, as accomplished authors at such a tender age, they revel in an extraordinary sense of pride and accomplishment.

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